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Nice to Meet You, 

Imagine your business as a vibrant quilt, each patch representing an idea, a challenge, a triumph. Just as a skilled quilter weaves intricate patterns, I've navigated the complexities of launching and leading organizations.

Leading with Purpose, Stitch by Stitch:

I was thrust into my first Executive Director role at the ripe age of 23. The role was complex at the intersection of public and private sector with endless stakeholders and challenges to overcome.

My Canvas, A Tapped Out Tapestry:

My days were a symphony of tasks – managing projects and programs, orchestrating events, and shaping strategies that drive impact. Each day was a canvas awaiting my touch, a canvas that often felt like it needed more hours than I had. I would dream of tapestry where my energy was reserved for fostering growth and innovation, rather than entangled in administrative threads.


Crafting Opportunities Amidst Chaos:

During my tenure I was faced with leading our organization through the pandemic as well as the unrest that occurred in our hometown of Kenosha, WI. Challenges were my daily backdrop and I was faced with needing to create solutions swiftly and strategically in uncharted territory. It's this mindset and skillset that I carry forward, ready to collaborate with you to conquer challenges and find inventive solutions that redefine the trajectory of your business tapestry.

I'm here to weave the threads of your business together into a masterpiece of efficiency, growth, and opportunity.

My Strengths:






A "Maverick" at Heart

Mavericks are natural leaders. They’re known to be task-oriented and persistent. They thrive when given a goal and the freedom to determine how to achieve that goal.

My Previous Roles:

Spending multiple years as the Executive Director of nonprofits allowed me the opportunity to develop a vast skillset that touches every aspect of business operations. From developing key stakeholder relationships to managing day-to-day operations, I rise to the occasion.

My Expertise:

Strategic Planning

Change Management 

Program Development & Management

Organizational Launch 

Relationship Development & Management 

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